About Sue

Sue Connor, Playing with Fibre

I have always been passionate about creating and making. Maybe it was inevitable. A child of the 60s and 70s growing up in the rainbow region my friends and I were influenced by the alternate culture that was all around us. Making our own clothes, tie dyeing, spinning and weaving was what we did. When I first moved from this area after college to start my career in teaching I was devastated that my spinning wheel and loom wouldn’t fit in the car. My boyfriend, now husband, made me a small flower press so I would still have some making to pursue. Ok, skip forward nearly 35 years and I am still making and creating. I’m back in the Byron Bay Hinterland living with husband, Micheal on a small property with our cows, chooks, cat and resident possum.

In 2014 I started Playing With Fibre after a friend convinced me to run some felting workshops. Running workshops is now one of my passions. Being able to share my love of creating and making natural handmade products and seeing the joy that it brings to participants is very rewarding. An added benefit  is that I get to meet lovely like minded people. Playing With Fibre is all about having fun experimenting and creating with botanical colour and natural fibres. Getting back to traditional handmade trades enables us to connect with our past. Using all natural dyes and fibres enables us to have an enhanced appreciation of our environment.

At Playing With Fibre when I’m not running workshops I am busy dyeing fibres whether wool, silk, raffia, linen or cotton. I weave, sew, embroider, knit and crochet. I also like to garden and grow many of the plants and flowers I use for dyeing in our yard.

Sue Connor