Botanical Dyed Silk Ribbons

Botanical Dyed Silk Ribbons

My Silk Ribbons are very special to me as they have developed from a collaboration with one of my daughters, Jess from Poppy and Fern a respected Wedding and Events Floral Designer servicing  the Byron Bay area and my husband, Micheal from Micheal Connor Woodwork.

My botanical dyeing journey  started because Jess was disillusioned by the lack of quality and choice of colour she could get from traditional synethic dyed ribbons. Jess created, and still does create beautiful luxurious wedding bouquets full of the wonder of natural plants and flowers and was not happy adding what ribbons were available.

As I have alway been a maker with a love of textiles, colour and and natural fibres Jess asked me to investigate the possibility of us creating our own range of botanically dyed ribbons. So we did.

Botanical Dyed Silk Ribbons

My Silk Ribbons are inspired and infused by nature. The colours created by plants are subtle and complex. Each colour is “living” and comes most alive in natural sunlight. All of my colours work in harmony with each other. While each colour is created with a specific proportion of materials, variations can alway occur. 

Nature is perfectly imperfect, and the ribbon can fold and bend around plant matter creating unique markings. You may be purchasing a solid colour ribbon that could have a random little marking, this unpredictability is what makes plant dyes exciting.

My ribbons are dyed in small batches. You are purchasing a slow-crafted handmade one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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