Most Playing With Fibre workshops are held on our verandah at Viewlong Farm at Corndale in the hill behind Byron Bay, NSW. It’s an ideal setting for relaxing and being immersed in all things natural.

All my workshop have limited participants to ensure that you get plenty of one-on-one assistance. By special arrangement I can tailor a workshop specifically for you and your friends. These workshop can be run on my verandah or I can come to you. Of course depending on travel time I may need to add an extra cost. Contact me to discuss!    


During all Playing with Fibre’s  Creative Workshops as well as learning a new skill you will get to enjoy my famous home cooking.

Half Day Workshops include real coffee and pots of tea ( black or herbal) on arrival. Halfway through we will stop for either morning or afternoon tea of delicious home made goodies both sweet and savory.

Whole Day Workshops include real coffee and pots of tea ( black or herbal) on arrival and a wholesome lunch suitable for the time of year. Soups and crusty sourdough bread in winter and vegetable fritters and salad in summer. All dietary requirements can be catered for.


Introduction to Natural Botanical Dyeing Workshops

These workshops introduce you to the magic and beauty of natural dyeing. In both my botanical dyeing workshops, bundle and extraction I share with you which plants, flowers and kitchen scraps can be used for dyeing and how to effectively mordant fabric. During the bundle dyeing workshop you get to make a beautiful bundle dyed unique silk scarf reflecting the beauty of nature. During the extraction workshop you will learn to extract colour from nature to dye natural fabrics both protein and cellulose.  At the end of the workshop you will go home with a selection of dyed linen, cotton, raffia and wool samples and the skills to dye your own clothes. 


Basketry Workshops

Learn the technique of hidden core coiling, a technique that involves wrapping or stitching a weaver around a core. Weave with beautiful coloured raffia, hand dyed using botanical dyes. You will learn the fundamental skills of coiling, making a start, shaping, adding materials and embellishments.


Raffia Jewellery Workshops

During this workshop you will learn the stitch, coiling and jewellery skills necessary to make your own unique earrings or necklace. You will be able to choice from a range of coloured raffia that has been dyed botanical. 

Felting Workshops

Felting is an amazing process, from delicate 100% Australian merino wool fibres to durable products. I teach wet felting, flat and 3-dimensional, and needle felting.