DIY Botanical Dyeing Kits

For quite a while now I have been thinking about putting together DIY Botanical Dyeing Kits and I am pleased to say that my first DIY kit, Botanical Bundle Dyeing Silk Scarves  is nearly finalised. I'm looking forward to adding them to my products on my website and I also have a gorgeous shop in Dungog  keen to stock them. Read on to see what is in the kit and how to create two unique silk scarves using the magic of Botanical Dyeing.

DIY Botanical Bundle Dyeing  Silk Scarves Kit 


Each kit includes: 2 silk scarves 20cm x 137cm, timber dowel, 3 jars of dyed   botanicals- coreopsis, hibiscus and rosella and brown and red onion skins, 1 packet of mordant (aluminium sulphate),2 packets of modifiers- citric acid (low pH) and  bi-carb soda (high pH), cotton string and step by step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions:

1) Dissolve aluminium sulphate in hot water. 5 grams is more than enough to do both scarves. You can choose to mordant both scarves at the one time or only use half the aluminium sulphate and do one scarf.

2) Submerge scarf/scarves in the mordant bath. Stir to ensure all of the material is absorbing the liquid. Leave to soak approximately 5minutes.

3) Remove scarf. Squeeze out excess liquid.

4) Place scarf on a flat surface. Flatten out creases.

5) Place dried botanicals on half of scarf.

6) Fold empty half of scarf over to cover your arrangement of dried botanicals.

7) Firmly roll scarf onto dowel.

8) Wrap string securely around your bundle going up and down. Tie to hold in place. 

9) Steam the wrapped bundle above water in a large saucepan or frying pan with the lid on for approximately 45 minutes.

10) Remove the bundle carefully. Allow to cool.


11) Unwind string and unroll to reveal your colourful creation.
Remove all the excess botanical matter.

12) Pink or Green?
Fill a small bucket or a pot with warm water. Dissolve citric
acid (pink) OR baking soda (blue-green). Soak the scarf in
the solution and see the colour change in front of your eyes.

13) Leave to dry in the shade.

Enjoy your one-of-a-kind scarves. If they need washing at anytime hand wash in cold water using a neutral pH washing detergent. Always dry in the shade.


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